Scuba Diving Packages – Goa

Dive for the First Time ?

The giddiness and apprehensions are common when you are diving as a beginner. Few important instructions kept in mind given by the professional diving experts can lead to a memorable first time diving experience in the life of a beginner. When beginners goes out to experience the everlasting scuba diving then they will be accompanied by an instructor.

Be Certified for Scuba Diving

If you are well versed with fundamentals of diving and the vast expanse of the blue sea increases your curiosity then you ought to get yourself enrolled with the PADI Diving Program and be a certified Scuba Diver. The Advanced Open Water course or Adventure Diver Certification pertains to any adventure related dives in Diving program.

Diving in Goa

Scuba Diving is the most popular water sport in Goa and its popularity has also reached globally. In this activity, you get an opportunity to explore the underwater sea life at shallow depths. This adventurous water sport is enjoyed by many adrenalin junkies and is considered safe for both beginner and experts. Call us for more information.

The state of Goa is blessed with a long coastline, clear blue water, and abundant marine life. You may have already explored its beaches and went club-hopping, but now it is time to plan your Goa trip for an exciting scuba diving experience. This is the perfect way to explore it all safely. And no need to look further for this ultimate adventure, friends, because the best scuba diving packages are here! Do you know what the best part is? You do not even need to know how to swim and you can still take this exciting dive with experts! The thrilling wonders of the ocean are all yours to discover. 

Goa for Scuba Diving 

Goa has emerged as one of the best scuba diving destinations in India in last few years and this tiny state has made sure that everyone will be able to enjoy this activity to the fullest. You can be a first-time diver or an experienced one, you may like adventure-sports or you might be interested in exploring vibrant life underwater, scuba diving in Goa in perfect opportunity to it all safely.

With visibility of average 3 to 5 meters and comfortable water temperatures, your dive underwater will always be a memorable experience. You will get to choose from an array of affordable scuba diving packages in Goa to suit your budget. No matter which package you opt for, you are bound to witness sea turtles, colorful fish, vibrant coral reefs, and historic shipwrecks.

Other Diving Diving Location Near Goa

You can select from different dive sites like Grand Island, Netrani or Malvan depending on your location and how much free time you have on your hands. Even if you do not know how to swim or even if you have no previous diving experience, you will be able to scuba dive in Goa. As all equipments that are used under these best diving packages are of premium quality, your safety will always be a top priority. If you want to make the best of your time, then it is recommended to start your dive in morning. The tide will not be high, sun rays will enhance water clarity, and it definitely means great photographs and videos! What else you need to make scuba diving in Goa unforgettable, right?

When you opt for the best scuba package, you do not just swim underwater, but you get a glimpse of marine life you never knew existed a stone’s throw away from Goan beaches. So, before lazing on a beach and catching a tan, get ready to dive underwater for witnessing a fascinating world

Scuba Diving Packages under Rs. 1999

Get ready to go underwater on your next Goan vacation as you will find some of the cheapest scuba diving packages in Goa here, that too within Rs. 1999. If you are a budget traveler or you are interested in cost-effective adventures, you will find an array of options to choose from here. Even if the cheapest, booking a package from here is guaranteed to get you a safe and exciting diving experience.

You can choose from different combo packages where scuba diving with water sports is available. If you do not have much free time on your hands, then you can simply opt got scuba diving at Grand Island. If you are interested in exploring the beauty of the Indian countryside, then you booking a package for scuba diving at Malvan is a must. You will also get packages where scuba diving without pool training can also be enjoyed at leisure. This list of cheapest packages in Rs. 1999 is going to leave you spoilt for choice.

Book a package that suits your preferences and grab discounted rates and cheapest prices. Enjoy a boat ride as your trainer explains wonders of scuba diving to you and then go underwater to swim with a variety of fish and turtles!

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    Scuba Diving with Water Sports at malwan

    The trip cost of actually starting from Bengaluru, reaching Malvan, getting 4 meals per day with A/C and private rooms, […]
  • Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

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Scuba Diving under Rs. 5000

Explore Goa beyond booze and beaches with some of the top scuba diving packages under Rs. 5000. For professional and beginners, these thoughtfully designed tours will meet everyone’s needs. You can enjoy detailed pool training sessions and there will always be a professional trainer to accompany you. Well-trained experts will explain rules and regulations as you get ready for your dive. With such a hassle-free experience, no wonder these are always everyone’s favorite scuba diving packages!

If you have enough free time on your hands, then you can opt for scuba diving with pool training. You will start with training sessions in a pool before proceeding to the ocean. If you are excited to explore Arabian Sea directly, you can do so without any training as well. No matter what you choose, you will experience quality diving in Goa within Just Rs. 5000 when you select a package from this list.

Scuba Diving Packages under Rs. 7000

The ultimate scuba diving packages in Goa under Rs. 7000 carefully designed by experts are here! From leisurely trips to shorts tours, you will get a plethora of options to choose from to make your dive perfect. Select from the list of advanced packages and you will get several other amenities too. You can opt for a stay option if you are looking for a leisurely vacation combined with adventure sports. You will be provided with accommodation that’s top-notch.

These packages under Rs. 7000 also have different destinations that you can select depending on your interests. Going for Netrani Island scuba diving is strongly recommended. Considered to be one of the best scuba diving destinations in India, this island near Murudeshwar is perfect! The dives arranged here are designed in such a way that is ideal for professionals and beginners. For those who are looking for short-distance trips, choose a package for diving at Grand Island. You can also consider going for scuba diving in Tarkarli as it has the clearest ocean water.

You will be accompanied by professional trainers who will take care of your safety. You can talk to diving experts to understand how rules are followed. With these scuba packages in Goa, you are bound to experience an unforgettable dive!

Advance Package of Scuba Diving in Goa

Scuba Diving and Water Sports Package – Goa

9 Hours
Min Age : 12+
Under our scuba diving and water sports combo package, your trip will begin from the boat departure point of Coco Beach Jetty and will conclude at the same place. The island is remote and sailing on a boat is the only means of transportation to reach there.

Scuba Diving With Pool Training

8:30 am - 3:30 pm
Availability : October to April
Min Age : 12+
Scuba diving in Goa has started long back. Because of its popularity, there has been no looking back. For the 20-25 minute underwater session, a participant needs to go through basic training provided by an expert diver that includes underwater hand signals, usage of oxygen tank and other necessary safety instruction

Learn Scuba Diving - Professional Dive Course

Make your Goa vacation all about professional scuba diving course as you get to be part of Professional Association of Diving Instructors, popularly known as PADI. These are some of the top systematically organized PADI open water diving courses where you will get to learn everything necessary. Conducted by professionals, you can choose from a variety of programs. PADI advanced diver is everyone’s favorite. But, you can also opt for first response course ideal for emergencies. These certifications will help you explore the marine world to the fullest.

These courses will give you an opportunity to go deep sea diving in Goa. Operated by PADI dive masters, each course makes sure you have safe diving experience. It is your chance to be a professional as a PADI rescue diver course is also conducted here. When it comes to scuba diving in Goa, these courses offer the combination of excellent planning, quality equipment, and professional divers. It will help you have a smooth course within your decided time frame and budget.

This PADI certification is recognized on an international platform. So, when you do PADI diving courses in Goa, it is your step towards becoming an expert. With the help of PADI recognized diving experts, you can get ready to explore MARINE LIFE!

Things you you should know About Scuba Diving

Read Best FAQs on Scuba Diving in Goa

How good is Scuba Diving in Goa?

Goa is a useful place where you can learn about Scuba Diving. Travellers are really going to have an excellent time there. With this activity, the participants will be able to explore marine life. There, you can see many aquatic animals and flora and fauna from a closer view. This experience provides a great feeling when you get to explore the waters of Goa.

The activity of Scuba Diving in Goa is quite famous. Thus, no one would ever want to miss the chance of trying it out. Approximately more than 30,000 people come to Goa to experience Scuba Dive. The number is increasing every year as the activity is gaining popularity.

There are a lot of Diving packages available for experiencing Scuba Diving in Goa. Visitors can pick up one suiting their budget and other preferences. The packages contain different levels for the non-swimmers and swimmers as well.

The diving operators are present in a good number. They would help you out in getting you the best deals for Scuba Diving in Goa. Each one of them has many Scuba Diving adventures provided by experts. Such professionals will inform you about this activity. They are going to be present with you while you try out Scuba Diving. The experts are certified with many Scuba Diving courses and thus, you can trust them.

How Safe is Scuba Diving in Goa?

Yes, there is no doubt on that! It is completely safe to do scuba diving in Goa. Luckily, there are no cases reported for any mishap during diving till now. The people who are participating in Scuba Diving in Goa should not worry about it. Each and everything is taken good care of.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, the diving experts will be there to assist you. Our diving experts are going to provide you proper equipment for scuba diving. Once done, you will then be allowed to enjoy diving underwater. Before starting the activity, the instructor will provide you some guidelines about Scuba Diving. This activity has got the best standard and is truly satisfactory.

How long does Scuba Diving training take?

There are many packages of Diving in Goa, The first one is the Beginner package and another one is the Advance package. In the Beginner package, the diver is only going to give a brief about Scuba Diving for 15-20 minutes. 

While the Advance package is for those who would opt for diving with pool training. The water depth and visibility are also changed for those in the Advance package. Two dives are allowed for the participants and each one of them would be of around 15-20 minutes. There is going to be a training session in the swimming pool. The training will last for 40 minutes. 

How is Beginner Diving different from other Diving Packages?

There lies a huge difference between Introductory diving and other diving packages. In introductory diving, you won’t get any training by an expert in the pool. However, you will be allowed to dive for 15-20 minutes under proper surveillance by the guides! The depth of water in which you will be diving would be at around 5 to 7 meters only.

On the other hand, the Advance package will give you the training by PADI experts. It will be done in a swimming pool. This package has got the best standard along with a perfect dive site! Apart from that, participants will also get a good depth as well as visibility underwater.

What are the popular dive Sites in Goa?

Goa has a good number of diving sites for visitors. Some of these are very commonly visited while some are still unexplored. The most popular dive sites in Goa are Grand Island, Sail Rock, Uma Guma Reef, Turbo Tunnel, Bounty Bay, the Jetty, etc. You can get a good number of scuba diving sites in South Goa majorly. Out of these, Scuba Diving in Grand Island is very famous. It is also quite inexpensive and would thus, fit your pockets. 

What are the Scuba Diving Packages for professionals?

For professionals in Scuba Diving, there are a good number of packages. In these, the participants will be given training before they actually start Scuba diving. During the training, our dive experts will guide them practically in a swimming pool. It will last for approximately 40-45 minutes. After that, you will be easily able to do scuba diving in Goa’s waters.

They are going to have two-time slots for this activity. The first one would be at around 7:00 am and the other one at 3:30 pm. Which one to choose, the choice is all yours! These packages will also include an amazing boat trip. It will take you to many famous locations. These include Millionaire Palace, Aguada Fort, Asia’s first lighthouse etc. Also, you will spot many dolphins during the boat ride.

What does Scuba Diving Cost in Goa?

Scuba Diving starts from Rs. 2000, to know all packages cost check this Pricing List. (May 2024)

Which is the cheapest Scuba Diving Package in Goa?

Each and every scuba diving spot in Goa is worthy of your money. But there exist some sites where this activity is way too inexpensive. The cheapest Scuba Diving Package in Goa will be the Diving at Grand Island.

Its rates start from 1999/-. While the other one is the Scuba Diving in Malvan with its prices starting from 1200/-. Both of these can be compared on the basis of their standards.

Grande Island has clear visibility underwater. Also, other relatable features are better than Tarkali. Diving at Tarkali is undoubtedly cheap, but the standard’s going to remain low if compared to Grande Island.

Do you provide pick up facility from the hotel?

The visitors will be given a pickup and drop facility from and to the dive center only. From the dive center, you will be taken to the diving site from that vehicle. However, if you want your transportation to be arranged from the hotel, we can do it for you too. But you will have to pay an additional cost for that.

How much does deep-sea diving cost?

Since Deep Sea diving demands a depth of at least 30-40 meters in Arabian sea, it is not available in Goa. However, you can head towards the Andaman Islands to try out this activity. 

There are many water bodies in Goa that have a depth of 15-20 meters. You can try them out and still get an amazing Deep-Sea Diving experience. The sites providing this water sport are given the below-mentioned content.

What is the maximum depth for diving in Goa?

There are different depths in the water bodies of Goa. The depth for diving depends upon the diving level of the participant. If the visitor is a beginner, he won’t be allowed to do this activity in a depth more than 5-10 meters. 

But, if you are a professional, then you can do Scuba Diving in the sites with more depth. The best ones out of them along with their maximum depth are mentioned below: 

  1. Suzy’s Wreck – 12 meters
  2. Davy Jones Locker – 14 meters 
  3. Sail Rock – 20 meters
  4. Umma Gumma Reef – 14 meters

Can a non-swimmer do diving? Which is a suitable package?

Scuba Diving in Goa is meant for every kind of traveler. Even if he is a non-swimmer, he can enjoy this activity. For non-swimmers, beginner or introductory diving packages are available. However, if you want to have the best out of diving, some basic swimming ability is a must. To get certifications in Scuba diving, you must be familiar with basic swimming. 

How can I book scuba diving in Goa?

You can very easily book Scuba Diving in Goa online. We are here to help you whenever you want any travel assistance. You can get in touch with us via WhatsApp or e-mail. The payment getaway is very secure and so you won’t have to worry about your confidential data. You can pay us via BHIM, UPI, Google Pay etc. without any issues. A booking amount that is half of the whole package has to be paid by you in advance.  

Do I need to buy Scuba Diving equipment?

No, there is no need for you to carry or buy Scuba Diving equipment in Goa. We will provide you the best Scuba equipment which you will use during the activity. 

Where should I go for diving? Malvan or Goa?

There is a great difference between the two most famous diving spots i.e. Malvan and Goa. Malvan is just known for budget diving ranging Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1500, but its visibility is average, and depth is only 4 to 5 meters. However, scuba diving has always demanded a good depth and visibility. The more the depth, the greater would be the experience. 

Grande Island is much better than Malvan in terms of standard and other factors too. There, the temperature is quite favourable and visibility is great. Not to forget about its depth that ranges around 6 to 15 metres. It is good for both beginners and professionals. Professionals generally opt for Netrani Island. It has prices varying from Rs 4000 to Rs 15000 and the best depth. 

Thus, Grande Island would be a preferable option for every kind of diver. 

Which is the best season for Scuba Diving in Goa?

Scuba Diving is a very interesting activity and quite important for every adventure lover. One can enjoy Scuba Diving in Goa right from mid-October till mid-May. Any season except the Monsoons is perfect for being a part of Scuba Diving in this diving destination.

Can I do scuba diving in the monsoon season of Goa?

No, it is not all recommended for anyone to do scuba diving during the monsoon season in Goa. This is because the visibility during this season is not good. Boat tours to the island are not permissible by the Authority. 

My child age below 14, can he do Scuba diving?

If your child is 12 years and more, he is eligible to do Scuba Dive. But anyone having a lesser age than 12 years cannot be a part of this activity. This is because the children are not capable of handling the stress that is there in the underwater environment. Also, they are also not mentally ready to see marine life from such a closer view. This can scare them and lead to panic in their mind.  

Standard Safety Measures

All the standard rules and regulations set by international organizations are followed, as you prepare for your dive. The top quality scuba diving equipment makes sure you dive is secure and comfortable. The combination of these knowledgeable instructors and the best tools is ideal to ensure your safety during scuba diving in Goa. Listen to the instructions of your trainer keenly and you do not have to worry about anything

List of Most Scuba Diving Packages in Goa

Most Popular Packages

Following list is Best Selling Scuba Diving Tours 

Advance Package of Scuba Diving in Goa

Scuba Diving and Water Sports Package – Goa

9 Hours
Grand Island Goa
Under our scuba diving and water sports combo package, your trip will begin from the boat departure point of Coco Beach Jetty and will conclude at the same place. The island is remote and sailing on a boat is the only means of transportation to reach there.
View Details

Professional Scuba Diving Tour in Goa

8:30 am - 3:30 pm
Dive Location: Grande Island
Explore the beauty of ocean depths with scuba diving in Goa at the Grand Island. With an open sea, instructor, and amazing levels of visibility this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you must not dare to miss out on a Goa trip
View Details

Scuba Diving with Water Sports at malwan

7:00 am - 5:30 pm
The trip cost of actually starting from Bengaluru, reaching Malvan, getting 4 meals per day with A/C and private rooms, enjoying the various water sports including all the equipment’s is very affordable and pocket-friendly for the tourists
View Details

Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

7:00 am - 5:30 pm
Snuggled in the Malvan region this a perfect spot for scuba diving, and several others water activities like jet-skiing, banana boat ride and Parasailing. Malvan coast and Tarkarli are settled at a distance of 4 km and are easily accessible from both sides. The entire region is dotted with a number of diving sites and […]
View Details

Scuba Diving With Pool Training

8:30 am - 3:30 pm
Dive Location: Grande Island
Scuba diving in Goa has started long back. Because of its popularity, there has been no looking back. For the 20-25 minute underwater session, a participant needs to go through basic training provided by an expert diver that includes underwater hand signals, usage of oxygen tank and other necessary safety instruction
View Details
scuba diving at grand island in goa

Scuba Diving for Beginner in Goa

8:30 am - 3:30 pm
Grande Island
The Scuba diving organizers in Goa offer the experience at a very attractive price and prioritize safety. For all those looking to get high, go scuba diving and feel the high like never before.
View Details

Contact us for Booking

Interested in scuba diving and want to know more? Contact us and we will be glad to answer all your queries. You can call us on the provided number for booking your scuba diving package in Goa directly. We are here to help you if you are interested in customizable diving packages. It is a great way to get a package on request that will suit all your needs. We also have detailed booking and cancellation policies to make the entire process hassle-free.

You will get expert guidance and professional trainers on every step as you book a diving tour with us. With different options to choose from that are suitable for everyone’s budget, this scuba diving in Goa will make your vacation the best!

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Tour Reviews

Avinash S

Verified Review

The package provided to me undoubtedly had a good value for money. I was provided a very supportive team from your end. Loads of thanks to you for the same. I am a solo traveler and love adventure. Previously, I have been a part of a bike tour to Ladakh and Spiti too. Luckily, an experience of Goa has also satisfied me. Till now, I have always been known for doing unique trips and Grand Island Trip is also very different.

Thanks for letting me enjoy it to the maximum extent. Scuba Diving is a fun-filled activity and this water sport enabled me to see the marine life and colorful flora and fauna underwater. I did the booking at office in Calangute. The staff gave whole information about the tour to me and I found it fun. It was more enjoyable than what all I thought of. The instructor gave us the brief about the diving session.

That was really interesting. They gave us training in shallow waters of the pool known as the pool training. There were many factors which acted quite suitable for me. I am quite choosy when it comes to travel and if I have opted for Scuba Diving, it has may reasons! If the things were not up to mark, I would have searched for another touring option in India or beyond. But, none of such cases happened in Goa. I have a complaint! The journey started late unlike the schedule provided to me. The crew picked me up late from the hotel, but the further journey was nice. During the route, I just got engaged in the greenery of Goa with my eyes closed. This city has no pollution! I am in love with everything present in Goa. I wish I could stay here forever. Actually, I definitely will. It is a perfect place if you want to stay in a calm environment with no noise around you.

May 2, 2013

Ashvini L Sivan

Verified Review

Do you believe that heaven exists? I have started believing in that since the day I have been to the Grand Island. Goa is a true beauty. Grand Island has been my most favorite destination till now. You should never ever expect anything negative from this tour. Even if any person says that Grand Island in Goa is not good, you must never believe him. But trust me, you must come here at least one time. I came to Goa during my honeymoon.

I and my husband didn’t want any romantic outing. We have always been adventurous and thus, scuba diving was a perfect fit for us. One of my friends also visited this place during their honeymoon. They told us it is an amazing experience. Believing them, we took a chance to visit Grand Island. The true beauty lies in the underwater of Goa. The beautiful flora and fauna and marine life made me surprised. I can’t believe, they are right in front of my eyes. We were recommended to check the cost before finalizing everything.

It suited our budget. We both were informed about the water sport during the brief about the diving session. Also, we enjoyed the pool training. Now, I can do scuba diving in even the high depth too. I could see that the trainer was very experienced because he had an answer to all our queries. At last, I would just say that all of you must give it a try.

April 6, 2018

Anand J Nagraj

Verified Review

An amazing experience it was! Scuba Diving Goa with the very professional team in the clear water of the Arabian Sea. I love each and every bit there. How can I explain the taste of the lunch? It was finger licking good, obviously. What else can you expect from the traditional Goan food. The package of the Scuba Diving at Grande Island was my friend’s choice. To be true, I was unaware about this place until my friend told me about it.

Till now I am imagining, how was I not familiar with Grand Island ever before? But luckily, it’s better late than never. I got a chance to visit this place. My friend was more excited than me. But, while coming back, I was the one who never wanted to get back to home. During scuba diving, I dived into the water and saw coral, shipwreck also and that too live. Online booking is literally nice and we did the same. The payment was done very easily and it didn’t even take more than 20-30 minutes to get the bookings done. Luckily, I got it, the seats were way too low. The water was suitable for me and also the experience was not as scary as I thought it would be. Thanks to the trainer who guided me during the activity. Since it was my first dive ever, I am not able to forget it till now.

I will surely visit this place once again. Would always love to visit it a million times till my last breath. Due to suitable visibility, I had a clear view of the marine life. The fishes were passing so closely from my front and back, I couldn’t believe that was happening. I shouted much during the first attempt. It was pretty embarrassing for me too because everyone started staring me. But later on, I got guts to do it and ultimately, I was able to do it easily. Now I am very confident and I can do this activity without any kind of nervousness. Thank you all of you for your kind cooperation. You shouldn’t think about visiting it. You just have to do it without even doubting on anything. Trust me! It is really worth it.