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Scuba Diving in Goa

Scuba diving in Goa is an activity with which you can not only take a look at the oceanic beds but can also witness the underwater kingdom. Right from the vibrant variants of marine life to the excellent range of diving spots, here you can pick as per your requirements and create everlasting memories with your friends and family. Be it the good climatic conditions or the affordable diving options, here you can find them all. Gape at the coral reefs of ocean depths and become a certified PADI diver. Whether you are a non-swimmer or a beginner you need not worry as a few sets of instructions are just enough for you!

Scuba Diving Goa conducts all scuba trips and courses like the Advanced Open Water or Adventure Diver Certification. These centers provide the scuba trip with or without the training. Scuba Diving is a multi-location water sport being offered at various places.

Get Best Scuba Diving Experience

Grab the finest deals from Best Scuba diving tours in Goa! Whether you are a beginner or professional, you can enjoy the fun in this water sports !

Why Dive with us ?

Expert Divers

Your Diving is an absolutely safe as it perfomed under the supervision of a team of experts and diving is for all be it a trained PADI diver or a beginner.

Secure Payment

While you book the scuba diving tour you can enjoy easy and secure payments with a wide list of payment options namely debit cards, credit cards, and even cash payments.

Boat Tours

Our diving Tours give you a chance to not only explore the underwater life but also witness nightlife of Goa, boat tours, dolphin cruise, and everything beautiful about the city.

Diving Course

Get a certificate of professional diver and experience the underwater kingdom with a range of diving courses in Goa that could be experienced under SSI experts.

Why Scuba Diving in Goa ?

Scuba Diving is the most popular water sport and has become the top favorite water activity in Goa. With several diving spots, trained divers, and easy accessibility you can book the packages that you like. The visibility at these dive spots is great and you can select your favorite diving spot from as many as 10 different sites. The climatic conditions, depth, and favorable temperature make the experience even more worthwhile. Not only this but you can also club it with several other aqua adventures and make it a memorable experience. Read more about our team

Learn Diving , Get Certified

If you are well versed with the fundamentals of diving and the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea increases your curiosity then you ought to get yourself enrolled with the PADI Diving Program and be a certified Scuba Diver. Under the guidance and supervision of our expert divers, you will get to explore the wonderful marine life safely, thereby, improving your diving skills. You will get an opportunity to choose from a range of dives that are deep diving, wreck diving, underwater navigation, drift diving, boat diving, and several others.


Still confused? Book the most affordable package and be ready to be surprised by the wonders of the underwater world!

Customer Review

  • Thanks for pickup from the airport the day that I arrived. Immediately on the second day, we went to Grand Island to try snorkeling and deep diving in the sea. I still feel the calmness, that experience was surreal in true terms. my weekend spent well with friends. Economical trip and beautiful city.”

    Ranjana Sethi
    Solo Traveler
  • We’ve just come back from our trip and experienced the craziest scuba dive in Goa, riding scooty on the streets of Goa. We were on a tight budget and scuba diving goa price in our budget, this is one those activities we couldn’t miss. Hence, we gave up on clubbing to try water sports activities.”

    S. Sujata
  • The short dive that I took at Grand Island in Goa didn’t go pretty well. I’m not a big water enthusiast, but I didn’t mind trying this activity. The hotel we’d booked wasn’t too clean either, and I didn’t enjoy the local food at all. All in all, it was an average trip. Nothing extraordinary to remember and cherish, unfortunately.”

    Rajeev Shreshth
  • Always wanted to see what Grand Island looks like, since I’ve heard really great things about it. Of course, visiting Grand Island without trying scuba diving would be foolish. We’d booked a place, an apartment, which was close there, so the day we landed, we immediately thought of trying some water sports. It was quite challenging for me since I have water phobia, and I didn’t have good visibility deep down. The whole Scuba Diving experience was average for me, but my friends thoroughly enjoyed. Looking forward to many more trips with my friends.

    Hristov Alex
    Adventure Traveller
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